Verse 1
They were innocent
Nobody denies
Victim, will against imposed, black and white

Verse 2
Why did God allow?
Where’s the self divinity?
And don’t you dare suggest they were karma bound

Try to understand
Find some positive
Bigger picture imagine
From God point of view

Verse 3
Only having fun
Nobody offend
Just coincidence? – in wrong place at wrong time

Verse 4
Or was destiny?
Hand of God sanctioned?
Somehow mission served? Dare one think this thought?

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
If eternal soul
This not all in all
Maybe part of greater adventure – a chapter

Repeat Chorus

Outro (spoken word)
If God is perfect, how can God make something imperfect?

So perhaps imperfection is perceived only because we misunderstand purpose? We are measuring against a wrong objective?

If we take the position that everything must be perfect, then wherever we see imperfection, we adopt the habit of questioning our assumption of purpose. We rethink, we try to find that objective that is being perfectly facilitated. In this way see the positive, the bigger picture, imagine the point of view of God.