Shine Your Light

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Shine Your Light by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] Throw me a bone, show me a sign Give me a clue what's going on, I want to know Shine your light, dispel my doubt Illuminate my darkest night bewilderment [Verse 1] Every path discover contradictions Every step uncover misconceptions My progress hampered by misdirection My success [...]

Not So Cosy

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Dream by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Before dive in Better think twice Will you pay the price Forgo certainty? Before bridge burn Better be warned A lonely road With no turning back [Chorus] Okay, maybe reality faced Integrity is maybe reclaimed But caution must It's not so cosy Believe me [Verse 2] Before unplug [...]

Belief vs Knowing

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Dream by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] People say they know stuff But you insist is belief Confused with revelation Self deceiving [Verse 1] They act as if they know Presumption to their will impose Educate those misinformed They talk as if they know Truth is all wrapped up, owned Counter points of view unwelcome [Repeat [...]

Do You Really Wanna Know?

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Beta Tracks 2 by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Searching for a reason Something you believe in Always digging for an answer Beyond the propaganda [Verse 2] Making sense in your brain Resonates in your heart Illuminating your dark My kind of truth ... but [Chorus] Do you really wanna know? Do you really wanna [...]

Authority Wall

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Time To Forgive by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Fourfold imperfection finger point Tendency to cheat or make mistake Sense perception limited Illusion habitual predisposed Disqualified from truth be known [Verse 2] Magical you problem solve decide Chance authority identified Possibility reject Incomplete is comprehension Preach as if your words now speak for God [Chorus] [...]