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West World?

2020-07-03T06:43:58+00:00July 1st, 2020|Categories: Adventure Divine, Relational|Tags: |

Work In Progress by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Sometimes worry Too much reveal Instead of inspire Confuse bewilder Sometimes worry Well wish mistimed Instead empower Come 'cross unkind [Chorus] But then I smile - fear not frustrate Outcome derail or deviate For they never see those things that will hurt them [Verse 2] Sometimes [...]

Window Fast Closing

2020-06-22T07:45:39+00:00June 22nd, 2020|Categories: Earth Birth, Empowerment|Tags: |

Work In Progress by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] One would have thought by now After so much time out Thinking space to reflect Reconsider important Spare bedroom now office Gone school run traffic Baking bread brown Joy growing vegetables [Bridge] One might predict Life-previous Reviewed anew Would lose appeal You'd think it would, but [...]


2020-06-22T14:13:40+00:00April 24th, 2020|Categories: Dialogue With God, Earth Birth|Tags: |

Today I Choose by Songs Of Dave [Chorus v1] Long time ago When now forget Decide somehow samsara serves Facilitate something desired [Verse 1] But blinkers Limit my mind What oblivious To me mission lost [Chorus v2] Long time ago When now forget Decide somehow samsara serves Make manifest divine expressed [Verse 2] But maya [...]

Evil Necessary

2020-06-22T14:13:06+00:00April 18th, 2020|Categories: Dialogue With God, Earth Birth, One And Difference, Self Divinity|Tags: |

Today I Choose by Songs Of Dave [Chorus v1] Is this really the only way Nay, the best, the perfect way My heart desire facilitate Some sort of evil-necessary? Seems to me too higher price pay now [Verse 1] From what they say From what they preach One gotta jump, one gotta faith-leap From what [...]

Deep Thought

2020-03-25T09:12:52+00:00February 27th, 2020|Categories: Earth Birth, Nostalgia|Tags: |

Come To Remind Me by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] I gave you my answer Forty two told you Go figure the question Listen to Deep Thought [Verse 1] Don't you talk to Marvin He will only bring you down He was always depressed Nothing you can say will change the way he feels [Chorus] [Verse [...]

Happy Coincidence

2020-03-25T09:10:21+00:00February 21st, 2020|Categories: Adventure Divine, Earth Birth, Self Divinity|Tags: |

Come To Remind Me by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] I preach to my mind 'patient confidence' In outcome keep faith No doubt only time separates My falling in place Success manifest Await next happy coincidence [Verse 1] So when I fear absence of progress, remind me Never think therefore unworthy Or don't deserve to realise [...]

Cosmic Dance

2020-03-25T09:07:48+00:00January 23rd, 2020|Categories: Adventure Divine, Self Divinity|Tags: |

Come To Remind Me by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] I live the dream Make believe fantasy Stage baby play Facilitate nurture exchange Stage brother play Facilitate sibling exchange [Chorus] Awake revelation Arise to the real life Celebrate sacred Cosmic soul to soul dance [Verse 2] Stage classmate play Facilitate friendship exchange Stage boyfriend play [...]

Big Man

2020-03-25T07:26:58+00:00December 6th, 2019|Categories: Earth Birth, Illusion / Delusion|Tags: |

Athena Tree by Songs Of Dave Song written following a hospital adventure drawing on my experience on the ward where I witnessed an older gentleman being rather angry and aggressive toward the staff (I guess we all express fear in different ways) … my mind imagined that he must be some sort of ‘big man’ [...]

Why I Said Yes

2020-03-25T07:25:12+00:00November 17th, 2019|Categories: Adventure Divine|Tags: |

Athena Tree by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Time to stand up Time to lay down Time to decide had enough Time to re-think Re-evaluate Or perpetuate more of the same [Verse 2] Time to face fact Mind understand Or head-bury-deny in the sand Time to step up Responsible I For my ignorance I 'pologise [...]