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Time To Forgive by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] Seer - believer Preacher - deceiver [Verse 1] South African queen Twice weekly on phone To all but a few Your secret unknown You fancy your self The reader of mind Mystical stage Your mission divine [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] Your truth absolute Impose, no exception Submission [...]

Time To Forgive

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Time To Forgive by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] Time to forgive Find positive All gone before sets the stage For this moment believe [Verse 1] Former aggressor You played it well You got me fearful Former oppressor You kept me down Had me believing Was powerless but [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] My former fraudster You [...]

For Me There Is No THE

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Witness by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] For me there is no THE goal of life Your goal of your life is yours to choose Believe what that should be Never prescribed by God or anyone else but you [Verse 1] Argue karma a construct Regard sin an invention Yet accepting as fact delivers redemption Matter [...]

Own Opinion

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I'm A Lotus Flower by Songs Of Dave [Verse 1] Quote authority, satisfy your mind Assemble evidence, justify belief Via-media subjective deny But why then insecure - hide behind a lie? [Chorus] Own opinion/personal - celebrate Appreciation-individual Nothing wrong with that [Verse 2] Pedestal your truth, argue absolute Demonise motive - other points of view [...]