Verse 1
One and one is two
Two plus two is four
Eight minus seven is one
Nine take from five can’t do
Two time five is ten
Divide six by two get three
But four divided by nine won’t go
Is calculus A B C

Little white lies
Now you justify
But how, how will you reverse?
Carved in stone become
Fortress over run

Verse 2
F and E don’t go
Must avoid dis-chord
Out of key is accidental
Even if purposeful
Black and brown won’t work
Blue does not exist
Although red and green should never be seen
Opposites complement



Verse 3
All are fallen souls
This place not your home
Ev’ry body suffering
Nothing here is positive
Envious of God
Imperfection ev’ry where
Consciousness contaminated
Divinity compromised


Little white lies (deśa-kāla-pātra)
One day pass them by (deśa-kāla-pātra)
But only you decide (deśa-kāla-pātra)
The day they no longer serve (deśa-kāla-pātra)