[Verse 1]
Times one would trust a policeman
Days place your faith in people
Walk street at night with confidence
No one harm you, yes, no really

[Verse 2]
Days all children played outside
No one was safety concerned
No fear of lurking paedophile
One time normal, unthinkable

Fleeting Norman – given slipping through your fingers
Your rug pulled from convictions of your yesterdays

[Verse 3]
Times one would look to BBC
For objective news reporting
No hidden skewed own agenda
Though sounds far fetched, I remember

[Verse 4]
Times one could trust in science
Theory was just a theory
An explanation possible
Darwinism, but one example

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 5]
Days one could trust government (when was that?)
Times one believed laws legal
Were something more than politics
Serving power preservation


[Verse 6]
Times one could trust religion
Days place your faith in preachers
For guidance along path spiritual
Non judgemental cultivation

[Repeat Chorus to Fade]