[Verse 1]
Last years’ cool
Now dinosaur
Shame/embarrassment to be seen

[Verse 2]
Five hour queue
Can hardly wait
Generation next celebrate

Is it misplaced – my measure of success,
Sense of progress, persona projection self expression?

[Verse 3]
Window dress
All new improved
So much smarter than before – your best friend

[Verse 4]
Ching ka-ching ka-ching
Familiar the sound
This time everyone assured ‘perfected’

[Repeat Chorus x2]


[Verse 5]
Here I am again
Turns out new improvement made
Question why still I believe the ‘must have’?

[Spoken word]
Well, the old model is now unsupported, no longer maintained and incompatible with many of my favourite apps … so upgrade is desireable, somewhat necessary, even forced to be honest, but I’m sure has nothing to do with any sort of hard-nosed business marketing strategy … our beloved manufacturer is way above short-changing or manipulation of its’ loyal customer base. Hey, don’t burst my bubble … I need this … after all, it’s the way I choose to express my divinity!