Lou Reed 😉

[Verse 1]
Party-line politician
Spin intelligence-voter insult
Answer avoid, ignore question
Let me ask again where your truth-lies?

[Verse 2]
Misrepresent theory latest
As if pinnacle fact-objective
Then you supersede, dismiss, reject it

Argue viewpoint as if truth is
Evidential proof conclusive
Cherry-pick facts, ignore bad ones
For the people, keep it simple

Absolute conclusion
Definitive illusion
Self-deceive deception
Is given, is proven
Cosy delusion

[Verse 3]
Economist speculator
GDP believe measures progress
Run society as if business
Reduce humanity to just consumers – baas

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

[Instrumental + spoken word]
What’s the agenda? What are your trying to achieve? Are you prepared to mislead for the sake of preserving your cosy delusion? Do you know what Scott Peck says about such people? Do you know?

[Verse 4 – N.B. this is NOT what Scott Peck says]
Born again faith believer
In the name of God – soul deceiver
Only bonafide one religion
All other devious God-forbidden

[Repeat Chorus]

Absolute truth delusion …