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In My Name

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Beta 11.1 by Songs Of Dave Refrain I'm watching I'm waiting I'm hoping I'm praying Verse 1 Here we go again In the guise of intervention Resolutions - as we pursue self interest Repeat Refrain Verse 2 And they don't think twice As they manipulate us Demonitise all who stand in their way Repeat Refrain [...]

So Called Democracy

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Beta 10.1 by Songs Of DaveVerse 1 We did not agree It ain't legally done Taking liberty - Where's the democracy? How's the government serving society when they make us pay for the greed of a banking business elite? Verse 2 We did not consent We did not cast our vote For a government To [...]

I Don’t Trust

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/i_dont_trust.mp3Verse 1 I don\'t trust What I\'m hearing with my ears I don\'t trust What they\'re saying with their words I don\'t trust Verse 2 I don\'t trust What I\'m reading with my eyes I don\'t trust What they\'re writing in their books I don\'t trust Chorus I don\'t trust Don\'t believe in lies I [...]

Turn It Off

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/turn_it_off.mp3 Verse 1 Channel flick on my sofa ... stop it! Turn it off, cursed tv ... programmed to keep us down Give me life, I want something real and pure and true ... so Throw it out from my window ... to the gutter below Verse 2 Turn it off, cursed tv ... right [...]