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As Progress

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As Progress by Songs Of Dave Chorus Imagine future time Where today seen backward, Dark ages, where human race embrace Technological advance as progress Verse 1 Prize possessions Must have gadgets Latest version frenzy Life believed enriched by Verse 2 Life view through screen Friendship like for like No photo upload - did not happen [...]

Everything A Business

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Verse 1 Ev'rything a business Why does nobody protest? Motivate by greed for profit Close those cases - tick those boxes And you wonder why society is losing all humanity Verse 2 Ev'rything a business How come nobody complain? Motivate by dangled carrot Grab that bonus - focus maintain And you wonder why humanity is [...]

Kali Yuga

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/kali_yuga_2017_remix.mp3 Verse 1 It's everywhere Spoken as fact Feeding the lie Disinformation Believable Some people feel Long and the short There's no need for God Chorus Kali yuga, you get me down Man-just-machine see all around I don't know why idea appeals It's not for me Verse 2 Where 'er I dig Each stone I [...]

Brave New World

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Planet Earth - Just Visiting by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 Born into an English family I was raised to sip my cup of tea Perpetuate the British way Keep smile on face, quietly disagree Verse 2 Absorb my lessons learned at school Fill head with facts, obey the rules Own opinion warned to bury [...]

Earth Birth

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/earth_birth.mp3 Verse 1 They speak like they know for sure believe it Deceit, in between their words you read it Big lie, with throw away line they feed it Deny, but you guess where this is leading Verse 2 Theory, but parade as if is proven Blind faith, but is doctored up as reason Untruth [...]

Precious Time

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/precious_time.mp3 Verse 1 Big society All you've ever known Only decade old But you assume substance Carved in stone Verse 2 Soaking like a sponge Wet with social norms Never step outside To realise the rules Feed the lie Chorus Silent you comply In the name of progress Pay until you die Spend your precious [...]

Heading For The Hills

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Beta 12.2 by Songs Of Dave Should BBC be neutral Objectively convey our news? Once I believed they did do But now I feel my faith confused I'm gone, so gone, so long I'm heading for the hills That politicians tell lies No one should trust is no surprise That TV ads beguile us That [...]


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Beta 11.2 by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 All along the path - stories of blame Everyone of us has played that game Bridge Hides beyond our eyes - beyond our minds Lies beyond the truth beyond the lies Verse 2 All along the road I see the clues Everywhere I go I read the [...]