Verse 1
I want to see beyond
I want to know process

I want to understand

Verse 2
Appears to be to me
The how and why my dreams
Become reality

Things you want, or you think you want
So often find hard to get
Seems to you, on the other hand
Feelings readily manifest

Verse 3
Ask yourself
The what you want to feel
Forget about objects – reject
Focus on feeling

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Outro (vocal)
Things you want
You think you want
Things you want
Believe you need

Outro (spoken Word)
Question: Might it be that the soul is more interested in feelings than the possession of objects or external labels, and such things are only important to the soul in so far as they provide backdrop to the real business of experiencing emotion? And that their sometimes non-manifestation is therefore because they are not actually needed or helpful, rather than an indication of lack of power of the soul?