Verse 1
I am sorry I forget
My memory is reset
With ev’ry birth I’m born the slate wiped clean
But it needn’t mean I loved you less – believe

Verse 2
And maybe I can remember
And it only takes a trigger
Then ev’rything comes flooding back again
So I can honour promises I made

Imagine an after party
With ev’ryone in attendance
I wanna believe this time will come
When we recognise our feelings felt
Spoke language of the soul

Verse 3
I am sorry I forget
My mother, father, brother
My sister, lover, family, my friends
But it needn’t mean I love you less – believe

Repeat Chorus


Verse 4
I believe the time will come
When ev’ryone enlightened
Can understand friend and foe equally
Facilitate emotions we explore

Repeat Chorus