Verse 1
How will I interface with you?
Might I advise abandon
Your point of view – challenge you rethink?
Or shall smile appreciate
See as adventure sublime, regardless how divine manifest?

Verse 2
Or shall I presume know better
How human life should be lived?
Your chosen expression scorn / dismiss?
Or will I silent celebrate
Your situation perfect collaboration with god always?

Before I, I engage
May my mind understand
Pray I recognise hand divine
Respect sacred plan rasa explore and expand
Ask self how might I best serve you today, Vishnu?

Verse 3
How will I interact with you?
Contribute positive choose
Yet confident won’t frustrate god’s plan
However we today relate / role play
Adversary, ally, guru, or anything in between

Repeat Chorus

Breakdown/Instrumental + spoken word
tad aikshata bahu syam (Chandogya Upanishad 6.2.1)
One without a second, expands into many. Us.
Why? I believe to facilitate his/her ever-increasing transcendental enjoyment. And we are, albeit in humble ways, always part of that, regardless our choice of outward / home-bound adventure; the divinity explored and expressed; the sparks of splendor manifest. And Paramatma’s perceived equanimity and neutrality in no way indicates indifference. Rather, he is positively on board, … like a cosmic project manager for everyone of us. After all, he knows who we are. And if I believe a life plan is good by Vishnu, why would I then rush to steer in another direction? Unless of course it becomes clear that that is my role to play – as part of a much bigger adventure. Mind you, this is just my opinion. Not sure what an Uttama Adhikari would say. Are you one?

Repeat Chorus