Verse 1
I became enchanted by you
That day you looked at me and spoke to
Felt like you believed I’m precious

Verse 2
Never felt that way before
Somehow saw in me sublime expression
Positive colaboration

Verse 3
When you spoke you asked me “Is this for you?”
I felt choice always mine to choose
No question one should / should not do

Let me declare before I speak
Ideas and words here not my own
Represent only what now convinced true
I repeat things I heard from someone else,
My heart and mind made up they know stuff,
I today convey best I can understanding

Verse 4
I decided change direction
Pursue another path perfection
Now defer to uttama vision

Verse 5
I don’t say I know no answer
Myself can’t prove even on right track
Just is what I choose believe to true


Repeat Chorus

Spoken world
Which may of course be limited and filtered through my own appreciation and conditioning … so perhaps I therefore sometimes emphasise in direction not intended by the original speaker, or sight something as relevent where the original speaker would have not thought so. Main thing is I am just a follower … Yes, I can tell you about my following, but I’m not a leader, so please don’t follow me!