Verse 1
I was wondering where a coming from
Tell to me your name – history convey
Journey path a crossed, shall we walk a while?
Do we share a common fate – why we here today?

Verse 2
Who am I to you? Plan imagining
Forces prearrange, maybe meant to be
On the other hand just a roll of dice,

Who knows, maybe happenchance, maybe destiny

Chorus v1
Relationship – combination – where will we go?
Destination – return open

Verse 3
Who are you to me? Only speculate
What you here to do, how to you relate?
My require of you? Your desire of me?
Hopefully be mutually beneficial

Chorus v2
Relationship – combination – where will this lead?
Destination – return open


Verse 4
Please explain to me – help me understand
What you hope to gain – offer in exchange
I will try oblige any way I can
But let me be a positive if it’s all the same please

Chorus v3
Relationship – combination – what will we be?
Destination – return open

Chorus v4
Relationship – combination – what will we feel?
Destination – return open