Predisposed, but I can’t explain
Feel it’s real, but the doubt remains
Self deceive, yet I think I see, I still believe
Nothing sure, but I act as if
Carved in stone, though it never is
All makes sense, yet I’m on my fence, I wonder why

Verse 1
Tell me what you want to feel, and I’ll respond
What you need to believe true, a thought process to accept
Decide where you want to go and I’ll arrange
For ev’ry drama needs a stage designed to fit production

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
You choose how you self-express, it’s up to you
You remember or forget, is all the same in my mind
Whatever you do decide, you contribute
For goal of life never prescribed, at least by me it is not


Verse 3
Atheist or a theist, a point of view
Flavour life experience, facilitate in both case
Neither compromise my soul divinity
For always perfect manifest an aspect of regardless

Repeat Chorus