Verse 1
It was many years ago I know you came here
Looking back my memory today remains clear

Verse 2
You were hungry for a clue, an explanation
Why we walk upon the earth, you needed reason

Bridge A
Was looking for a light
To shine upon your path
To know the wrong and right
Illuminate the dark

Verse 3
Now you’re looking back at life, nobody to blame
Owning all the choices made empowers today

Bridge B
Was after absolutes
You wanted black and white
But at the cost of truth
You would not pay that price

They never guessed
Truth / lies within
Mistake redress
Again begin

Verse 4
That was many years ago you walked away – yeah
Looking back you wonder why so long you stayed there

Bridge C
Was try’n’ to make my way
To find some peace of mind
Will not accommodate
So here’s a piece of my mind

Chorus V2
Might I suggest
Truth / lies within
Mistake redress
Again begin