Verse 1
I spied a worker on the land
Beating an ass in anger
Expletive “Please sir, stay your hand –
By law forbidden”

Verse 2
He turned to me, a smile on face
Did you not recognise me?
Shock, bow my head, forgive my sin,
My King of England

Verse 3
Am I not maker of the law?
Yet you oblige me follow?
Now certain things place out of bound?
No longer explore?

Verse 4
I like to wander in disguise
So I might experience
The life of common citizen
To understand him

I regret my judgement mind
Behold my blinker vision
No more upon these eyes rely
Offences – please forgive them

Verse 5
I spied a man upon the road
In drunken defecation
How now my friend, you all offend
Cannot do that here

Verse 6
He turned to me, a glint in eye
Who do you think who I am? Whom?
My Prince, I’m sorry, please excuse,
And pray continue

Repeat Chorus


Verse 7
I spied a girl of naked flesh
A bathing yonder river
My Princess, please regain your dress
Cannot you swim here

Verse 8
She called to me all innocence
Do still not you remember?
Oh brother, please give up this game
Return to reason