[Verse 1]
I spied a man on the road today
Eyes to the ground – focus far away
From out of town – passing through
From where he come – nobody knew
To where he go – no one could say
Just he appears to know the way

[Verse 2]
I heard a song blowing in the wind
Triggered a light bulb moment deep within
Worded motion never tabled
Answered questions never asked
Understood, so far as able
Flame rekindled from a past fire

From this dream – struggle awaken
Long asleep – accept is all
Reality – ego confusion
Self forget who used to be
My ‘denti ty

[Verse 3]
So I pack my bags, give my guitar away
Clean shave my head – said my goodbyes today
Make my choices, change direction
Turn my back on old illusion
Back on track – my cultivation
Assume previous objective

[Repeat Chorus]


[Next Life]
I spider man on the road today