Say how will you ever judge them not
Yet maintain life goal prescribed?
Refuse you consider may be blinkered
Revelation divine

Verse 1
Tell me how will you succeed
Respect them their view point?
Accept them their right to see things
However it serves them?

Verse 2
For after all who are they?
And who you think you are?
That you presume rock their boat now
Terminate their role-play

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
Tell me how will you succeed
Respect their objective?
For surely is theirs’ to choose
How divinity express?


Repeat Chorus

Outro (spoken)
I’m not saying you are wrong – or that you have no realistation, but are you really that sure … sure you know enough to be certain those who follow other paths are definitely misguided? That they are not simply approaching the same from a different point of view? That they are not perfectly expressing their divinity right now? Come on, how much do you really know? How much of the bigger picture do you really see? 90%? 50%? 1%?