Opening Dialogue:

“Welcome to the Disposition Matrix office, please take a seat.”

“Thank you.”

“So have you’ve completed all the forms? And have you already memorised the wake-up fail-safe?”

“Yes … ‘I claim my divinity, and this no longer serves me’.”

“That’s correct. And you invoke it by saying three times with conviction. OK?”

“Yes, I understand.”

Verse 1
I see you’ve selected under section title ‘Love’
Desire for commitment above and beyond attraction
You choose to be faithful, require a companion likewise
You wish to be selfless but at same time strong

Verse 2
I see indicated under section title ‘Joy’
Desire to play parent – to care for dependent – nurture
To carry the burden with never resentment of mind
As always a blessing never possession

Remember anytime you can wake up – invoke fail-safe
If life on Earth gets too intense
And please don’t you worry
I will be there to remind you should you forget this

Verse 3
I see you’ve selected under section title ‘Fear’
You wish to believe firm that God is always on your side
Yet no blindly follow, cave into religious dogma
But reach for the reason why many one become

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
I see you’ve selected under section title ‘Peace’
You wish to forgive all who previously offence made
You wish to release them – to see for who they are really
Forgo all resentment – see divinity


“So we’ll create a body, along with attitude and disposition of mind, all oriented to perfect delivery and experience of your stated objectives and the flavours there-of. Of course we’ll also pick suitable parents, country of birth, etc., and code in your life plot synopsis. But you do understand, you can change your mind at any time, and none of these things actual bind or oblige you in any way? After all we haven’t lost sight of who you are have we? At least not yet!”


Repeat Chorus

‘I claim my divinity, and this serves me very well!’