Cultural localised – see through blinkered eyes
Layer ‘pon layer
Confess this true, yet believe what you need somehow I know better than you – ooh
(How presumptuous is that?)

[Verse 1]
Ways accustomed to, ruse oblivious
In my social norms childhood sponge absorbed
With my classroom facts – teachers filled my head with
How will ever I know your point of view?

[Repeat Chorus]
(How ridiculous is that?)

[Verse 2]
Through my prejudice – dumb self-righteousness
By my predisposed cherished absolutes
So called progressive, seen from where I stand
How will ever I foot step in your shoes?

(How embarrassing is that?)

[Instrumental + spoken word]
Given my background, conditioning and aspirations, probably it would be difficult for me to feel positive in your shoes. At least that’s they way it looks from where I stand. But why should that lead me to assume that’s how you feel? Where’s the logic in my measuring YOUR life success in terms of MY objectives. Maybe by divine arrangement we’re after something completely different?

[Verse 3]
In my arrogance, by my narrow mind
Altruism play in my cosy lies
With my self-deceive via certainty
Can I celebrate you your point of view?