Song written following a hospital adventure drawing on my experience on the ward where I witnessed an older gentleman being rather angry and aggressive toward the staff (I guess we all express fear in different ways) … my mind imagined that he must be some sort of ‘big man’ struggling to get in sync with his present situation. No judgement intended.

Old man, angry man
Understand I ‘big man’ no more
Do well to remember
All here naked stand close to death door

[Verse 1]
No more bully to get your way
Power to make or break
Entourage to play your game
Peon manipulate

[Verse 2]
No more office to hire / fire
PA to pander desires
Work force to mobilise
Dependents to bend / oblige

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
No more title to law decide
Position to goal prescribe
Yes-men to toe the line
Might is right to justify

[Repeat Chorus]

[Instrumental + Spoken Word]
1. The whole thing is a catalogue of errors
2. Service is shambolic and unprofessional
3. Organisation systemically broken
4. Can you help me to the toilet now please?

[Verse 4]
Time to catch up, re-tune / reset
See what is gone, know what is left
Which part survives of yesterday
Identify you who remain

[Repeat Chorus]