When Is Up To Us

///When Is Up To Us

Verse 1
All in the flow of time we get from A to B
All in the play of life we manifest our dreams
All in the clues we find we open up our mind
When is up to us

Verse 2
All in the passing years aquaintants come and go
All in the far and near, all in the fast and slow
All in the hopes and fears, all in the burning tears
When is up to us

All in the flow of time
Only we stay
All in the flow of time
Alone we remain

Verse 3
All in the course of life we ride the ups and downs
All in the truth and lies the lost becomes the found
All in the roll of dice the dark becomes the light
When is up to us

Verse 4
All in the shifting sands we play the game of life
All in the ringed hands, all in the toil and strife
All in the turning tide the fool becomes the wise
When is up to us

Repeat Chorus

Verse 5
All in the births we take, all in the love and hate
All in the war and peace, all in the real and fake
Beyond the passing lives / species of birth divide
When is up to us …

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