Verse 1
For my certainty how much will I pay?
To be free from doubt how far will I go?
For my confidence how fast walk away
Set aside the known truth, if ignorance is bliss?

Verse 2
For my cozy life how much will I sleep?
For my ‘who am I’ how much self-deceive?
For that peace of mind how much play pretend?
Truth fortress defend? Preach as if I knew for sure?

I spy you on my tree
You make my truth believe
But only after wishful thinking decide
Been there before

Verse 3
No more play that game, no more fantasy
I prefer to wait for my certainty
Only when I die – maybe then will know
But if that’s what it takes
Walk the lonely road – so be it

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus x 2

No more soul deny – sure no easy ride