Verse 1
See you stand alone
Waiting at the station
You leap of faith
Into unknown
Watch your ride arrive
Recognise by haircut and starry eye’d
We’re expecting you
Welcome to Croome

Fallen soul bootcamp
Detox brain wash programme
Purify existence
Break old habit cold
Liberate your soul
And who knows one day possible you may graduate

Verse 2
Spy you driving solo
Armed with honky roll
Careful park that Volvo
Transcendent Iskcon man (we’re from an artist co-operative)
And where your incense factory
World of Hare Krishna (the video)
Now play cat and mouse
Collect for under privileged (it’s not a survey — hey! hey!)

Repeat Chorus

Spoken word
Since the Master’s departure the bootcamp has been increasingly managed by bootcampees … some of whom have no vision of anything beyond bootcamp …they believe bootcamp is journey’s end rather than just a beginning … for them graduate and ‘bloop’ are one and the same. Oh well, maybe next lifetime, ’tis Kaliyuga after all

Repeat Chorus

Spoken word
So tell me, how does one graduate from bootcamp?
Well, in my opinion, you just have realise you’re not really fallen soul 😉