Verse 1
We did not agree
It ain’t legally done
Taking liberty –
Where’s the democracy?
How’s the government serving society when they make us pay for the greed of a banking business elite?

Verse 2
We did not consent
We did not cast our vote
For a government
To take us into war
W.M.D – there’s no reality – Doctor Kelly R.I.P. Conspiracy theories ‘bound to this day

So called democracy
Who’s spin we can’t believe
Do they think that we won’t see?
There’s no legality

Verse 3
We did not approve
Laws they now legislate
Live your life to work
Your retirement can wait
Where’s the government think they get their mandate?
Who’s will they represent? Did they forget to remember this fact?

So called democracy
B.liar we don’t believe
Do they think that we can’t see?
There’s no legality