[Verse 1]
Say educate, liberate from ignorance
Feign smile on face, truth disguise, eyes on prize

[Verse 2]
Say emancipate, set them free, democracy
But plain, plain to see, always end serving me

Raise, raise your flag
Stake, stake your claim
Claim in the name of civilise
(don’t forget about the gold!)

[Verse 3]
Say empower, agenda monetise
Manipulate heart and mind, believe the lie

[Repeat Chorus]
(don’t forget about the oil!)

[Verse 4]
Say save their souls, name of God hide behind
Con confiscate sacred choice how to live

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 5]
See blinkered eyes, imagine looking down
Convince yourself walk a moral higher ground

[Repeat Chorus]
(surely you don’t really believe this?!)