Just one question: Are you sure your truth is truth?
I only ask because I’m convinced it sets the stage upon which you stand to day

[Verse 1]
On pro-life verses choice
Dependent verses parasite
Reluctant verses willing
Aggressor verses victim
On human rights abuse
On grey scale verses black and white
On goddess verses mother
Seducer verses lover

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
On rival verses friend
Outsider verses family
On other verses brother
On human verses fauna
On darkness verses light
On chosen verses path prescribed
Religion verses science
Conviction verses freedom

[Instrumental + spoken word]
What to speak of right to own property or the right to vote, some folk once believed women have no souls. Is it possible our descendants will likewise scorn our convictions? What do you think?

[Verse 3]
On fractured verses whole
Part and parcel verses fallen soul
On evil verses divine
On chaos verses design

[Repeat Chorus]

[Outro + spoken word]
How much of our truth foundation comprises ideas and opinions unconsciously absorbed through our childhood from parents, school friends, and the social norms and fashions of our decade, never actively questioned or evaluated in later life, and yet upon this stage so much of our outlook today is built. Perhaps it would serve us to scrutinise these things … consciously decide what really resonates with our heart and soul … reject the rest?