Verse 1
Born into an English family
I was raised to sip my cup of tea
Perpetuate the British way
Keep smile on face, quietly disagree

Verse 2
Absorb my lessons learned at school
Fill head with facts, obey the rules
Own opinion warned to bury deep
Pass my exams, become educated fool

My thought not my own all my life
Ideas – were they ever mine? [realise]
My cast-in-stone are stalagmite grown
Hear the drip drip drip

Verse 3
Understood my place and social class
Blank out those questions never ask
Buy social norms and wait in line
Cog in machine – n’you wonder why?

Repeat Chorus

Verse 4
They target me with google ads
Invade my space on TV screen
Good little consumer become
Huxlian speak dumb epsilon

Verse 5
As governmental corporate
On business model legislate
Remember now that brave new world
Can’t help but see parallel

Repeat Chorus

Verse 6
Everything I knew and understood
I’ve come to doubt – no more believe
Peel back layered conditioning
See who remains – the naked me