I wonder why so readily embrace as truth
Idea evolution theory explains how you are here
As if modern motor cars better understood
Ignoring market research targeted design / driver desire

[Verse 1]
Face you in my classroom – fill my head with lies
Cherry-pick your evidence for givens
No consideration possibility
More to life than bodily existence

[Verse 2]
Hear you on my radio – do my head in
Preacher-like of atheist religion
Faith maintain no matter how ridiculous
Seems to me already made your mind up

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]
See you on my TV press my button red
Why you speak as if was more than theory
Incomplete and always in a state of flux?
Why forget remind us speculative?

[Instrumental & spoken word]
How I wish I could reach those tasty looking leaves on the higher branches. I think about them all the time. If only my neck was just that little bit longer. What’s that you say? Maybe in my next life … if I desire it enough? That’s ridiculous … or is it?

[Verse 4]
Read you in origin of species scripture
Failed consider what if soul transmigrates?
Body worn like human clothes – external dress
Represents divinity expression