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Is This True

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/is_this_true.mp3 Verse 1 When I pass them on the road Silent standing at the side Is it enough to throw a dime? Verse 2 Times I wonder why it is Did they choose the life they live? Did they create? Decide their fate? Chorus As we sew so we shall reap is my belief As [...]


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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/rebel.mp3 Verse 1 High on misty mountain Flying with the fairies Verse 2 Used to be a thinker Then you donned a blinker Verse 3 Organised religion Free thinking forbidden Chorus Climb down from your mountain Walk amongst us Step down from your high ground Talk as equals, free from judgement ... yeah Verse 4 [...]