Seeing The Divine

//Seeing The Divine

My God Is Your God Your God Is My God

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Chorus My God is your God your God is my God My God is your God Your God is my God my God is your God Your God is my God Verse 1 My atheist friend Does your mind find implausible Existence of Godhead? Belonger of sect Does your faith find believable Condemnation of sinner [...]

How Would You Feel?

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Verse 1 Witness a man Tattoo'd of hand Profane expletive in the street shouts (cough) Heads turn around In prejudice Dismiss as low life ani-man-imal Verse 2 Witness woman Scanty of dress Imagination nothing left to Divert your eyes Ground redirect Condemn as slapper disapprove reject Chorus But what if then See through disguise You [...]

Equal Vision

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Chorus v1 Try see with equal vision ev'ry one Regardless body birth - species of life Believe within inside are all the same Differing only in how choose express Verse 1 Expression selection is always up to us Verse 2 Our choosing - essence of who we are - God given Chorus v2 Try see [...]

For You No Prescription

2017-04-19T08:33:28+00:00 March 13th, 2016|Categories: Seeing The Divine|Tags: | 1 Own your power Your right to choose There is no prescribed for one like you Verse 2 The stage is set Your self express Explore universe with confidence Chorus Please don't ask me Your path to choose For you no prescription of destination Verse 3 Can you accept Who really are? Do you [...]

Dark Divinity

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Chorus Dark divinity, aspect of you As much divine - find hard accept Dark divinity is not for me At least today - do not relate Verse 1 But who knows where I've explored in previous lives? And who knows what I've enjoyed, regarded desirable? Verse 2 And who knows how I've expressed my inner [...]

One Of Us (2015)

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Verse 1 Ev'ry place I go Ev'ry one I see People much like me Individual Verse 2 Ev'ry outer dress Ev'ry body worn Ev'ry dream expressed Ev'ry species born Chorus Ev'ry one of us They are one of us Matter how they play Matter how they choose Verse 3 Ev'ry person meet Ev'ry living being [...]