Earth Birth

//Earth Birth


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Beta 17.4 by Songs Of Dave [Chorus] Everybody praise Everybody chant Everybody celebrate Everybody dance Absolute [Verse 1] Everybody serve Everybody bow Everybody submit to the teacher Everybody learn Everybody preach Everybody presume for the mission justified [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2] Everybody smile Everybody pure Everybody deny selfish desire Everybody judge Everybody else Everybody presume [...]

Disposition Matrix

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Opening Dialogue: "Welcome to the Disposition Matrix office, please take a seat." "Thank you." "So have you've completed all the forms? And have you already memorised the wake-up fail-safe?" "Yes ... 'I claim my divinity, and this no longer serves me'." "That's correct. And you invoke it by saying three times with conviction. OK?" "Yes, [...]

See Like Children

2017-04-20T06:49:20+00:00 February 23rd, 2014|Categories: Earth Birth|Tags: | Chorus Children stare mouth open At so called grown up dancing To pie pipers' calling Try see like children Verse 1 Why must it be this way, Mum and dad out all day? Something 'bout racing rats And feeding some fat cat Verse 2 Doesn't seem very fun Play time? Fran says there's none [...]

Welcome To The Afterlife

2017-04-20T07:06:00+00:00 February 12th, 2014|Categories: Earth Birth|Tags: | Verse 1 Everytime you speak pause first to think Everytime you think consider this Everything you find believable Needn't indicate truth carved in stone Take for example What happens when we die Some people certain that nothing of us survives Verse 2 What you believe true is up to you One can live this [...]

Shades Of Grey II

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Planet Earth - Just Visiting by Songs Of Dave Chorus A You want black and white Simple wrong or right But life colours always shades of grey Chorus B You crave certainty Faith you can embrace But choice conjures always shades of grey Verse 1 Require your truth Be absolute No ifs or buts doubt [...]

Walk The Earth

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Walk The Earth by Songs Of Dave Verse 1 I spend my time I live my life I breathe my breaths numbered I make my way Create my truth Believe my mind serves me Chorus I walk this Earth Soft grass between my toes I choose my birth here Forget I'm just visiting Verse 2 [...]