Dialogue With God

//Dialogue With God

In My Heart

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Walk The Earth by Songs Of Dave Chorus A Makes me wanna pack a bag Head into the hills Climb upon the higher ground Wander in the fields Verse 1 I believe in you You believe in me True, we don't always see things eye to eye Verse 2 But we believe in truth Never [...]

A Part Apart

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Beta 11.2 by Songs Of Dave Chorus A If everything's a part of you If this is so I'm confused Why set evil apart from you If you are all? I want to know Chorus B If everyone's a part of you If this is true please explain How come I feel apart from you [...]

I’m With You

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Beta 10.1 by Songs Of DaveVerse 1 I've been wondering where's this gonna end I've been pondering what does it all mean Where I will go when I am gone? Verse 2 I've been questioning what religions say I've been challenging that there's just one way Within my soul I know they're wrong Chorus Sometimes [...]

I See You

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/i_see_you.mp3 Verse 1 In the early morning hour Before the dawn is in the sky I can hear the sound of music playing in my mind Somehow Verse 2 In the early morning peace Before the sun reveals his face I can sense the stir of nature turning in her sleep Gently Chorus Daybreak ... [...]

If There’s Only You

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/if_theres_only_you.mp3 Verse 1 The more I learn the less I know As if not knowing is meant to be As if not knowing somehow serves - my quest Verse 2 The more I open up my eyes The more I see I\'m nearly blind I can\'t distinguish truth from lies - that\'s the truth Verse [...]

Very You and Us

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http://songsofdave.com/mp3_dave/very_you_and_us.mp3 Chorus So very you and us So far apart But are we not part of you? Are we not one? You say ... Verse 1 Of those who are envious The lowest of mankind I cast them down to species Of dark demonic life Repeat Chorus Verse 2 In blazing fire forever dwell The [...]