No should/should not, no path prescribe, no judgement pass
No right and wrong, no black and white, just shades of grey
Just conscious/unconscious, light and dark, all always serve you

[Verse 1]
All always serve your emotion exploration
Each life-adventure-individual increment
Relational, experiential contribute
Each A to B journey, unique, additional

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 2]
All always serve your bhagavan self-expression
Beauty, knowledge, renunciation, strength, fame, wealth
Each spark of splendour brahmajyoti beautifies
Mirror reflects, no matter humble manifest


[Verse 3]
All always serve your self awareness expansion
Uncover fresh as if for first time know anew
Wonderous eyed appreciation contribute
Exhilaration/ecstasy to table bring

[Repeat Chorus]

This lyric crystalises a personal faith/opinion/conviction … read more on amaiyu.com