[Chorus v1]
My heart now healed, I forgive you
“You are welcome” – strange words confuse
Why not “Thank you”? – I don’t understand

[Verse 1]
Life one: I recall how you broke my heart
Betrayed, ran away with the new boy
Destroyed happy family dream
Therapy life-long for our children

[Chorus v2]
But my heart now freed, I forgive you
“You are welcome” – strange words bemuse
Why not “Sorry”? – I don’t understand

[Verse 2]
Life two: I recall how you dumped your stuff
Anything to avoid own your baggage
Shame, blame, defame, soul-control, enslave
Made me feel your shit is my fault, Dad

[Chorus v3]
But my heart now full, I forgive you
“You are welcome” – strange words confound
Why not “Regret”? – I don’t understand

[Verse 3]
Last life: I recall how you stole my calf
In tea drank my milk
Then you murdered me for meat

[Spoken Word]
So much you desired to explore and experience forgiveness to the fullest possible extent that we realised a very dedicated adversary would be required. Someone with whom you could cross paths over several lives … each time on the receiving end of one kind of abuse or another. we advertised high and low … across the three planetary systems … nothing! no-one! … even Hitler passed on the role!

Finally I stepped forward … they warned me I would forget our plan as I got into character … but that was necessary so I could play the parts in a believable way … I accepted (what was I thinking?!) … just one proviso I negotiated …. that at the very end we would get to sit down together and the whole scheme would be revealed. So here we are, my dear friend, and now I think you know it all. What say you?

[Chorus v4]
Now my soul rejoice, I thank you
“You are welcome” – no more words confuse
“I love you” … “We always loved you”