The King was deep in character
Lamenting for a love betrayed
Happened upon him in this state
Man from foreign land afar
Dear sir no need those tears to cry
For now prescribe this remedy
Simply detach from happiness
Sorrow disappears likewise

The King said “You don’t understand,
And neither ask me who I am.
This is just a game we choose to play.
Still it serves us well today.
What say you?”

Verse 2
The man continues on his way
The King returns to character
Rejoicing now for battle won
Crying pain for ally lost
Lies wounded white upon the ground
Surrounded friend and foe unite
Alas poor Yorick, knew him well
‘pon this scene the man returns

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
The man imposes King with words
Dear sir your foolishness astounds
Must now awaken from this dream
Break out from your fantasy
The king places arm ’round the man
My friend, is this for you to choose?
Decide for me abandon now
Surely when/if up to me?


Repeat Chorus

Outro + spoken word
And the King then said to the man, I know you’re a King also – from another land. And no less absorbed in a role play game. Just like me. This I can respect and accept, after all you are part and parcel of God, and expressing your relationship with God in the way of your choosing also. I’m sure our paths will cross again.