[Verse 1]
A hint of a smile in a glint in an eye in a sideway glance
A kiss on the lips or a peck on cheek
A walk in the park on a grassy path
Opinion spoke, a word-play joke

[Verse 2]
A bird on the wing, butterfly in the sky on a cloudless day
A phrase from a page in a yoga book
A meal on a plate to a dirty shirt
A serviette, a table mess

Celebrate what it is for what it is
No limitation
No contrive what it is for what is not
No imitation

[Verse 3]
A nudge and a wink and I know what you think for the glasses lost
A day in a life of a Beatle boff*
A take of a song in a moment passed
A focused mind – no more to ask

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 4]
A facing of facts in a search in the dark for a mystery
A proof of a truth of a lie believed
A seed of a doubt from a fertile mind
A trust betrayed, a faith misplaced


[Repeat Chorus x3]

*UK English