[Verse 1]
Victim needs abuser needs a target needs wrong-doer needs a victim needs aggressor
So may understand forgiveness

[Verse 2]
Leader needs follower needs a mentor needs disciple needs a guru needs a fallen soul to save
That they may mercy taste

God need nothing – or does she/he?
Maybe God’s in us – you and me?
Maybe we version of God
Purpose somehow today forgot?

[Verse 3]
Lover needs beloved needs a Other needs object autonomous freedom to choose
That they may know love unconditional


[Dream Sequence – spoken word]
Mother-child; brother-sister; daughter-father; husband-wife; daughter-mother
All the way back to the one without a second – many become:
jiva-vishnu; paramatma atma-jiva jiva-atma
Atma-vishnu vishnu-atma vishnu-jiva atma-atma

[Repeat Chorus]