[Verse 1]
Stop think again this not what seems
Question certain review belief
Draw back curtain welcome the light
window open, open your eyes

[Verse 2]
Pierce blinker worn conditioning
Curse social norm from birth absorbed
Peer prejudice, parental baggage
Stop ask yourself what lies beyond?

How much survives, much is lost
Original naked you?

[Verse 3]
Stop in your tacks, collect your thoughts
Scratch, start again, assess the facts
Know nobody knows, especially you
Why still pretend? My mind confused

[Repeat Chorus]


[Breakdown + spoken word]
Stop think again – is not what seems … peel back those layers of thought, opinion, fact, baggage, truth, lie, normality, morality … try find the naked you!

[Repeat Chorus]

Stop think again – this not what seems