Verse 1
I wonder did I lose divinity
During the process where I came to be?
Or might it be that I remain divine?
My disbelief is some how by design?

Verse 2
I wonder did I become someone else?
Or maybe I’m still me, just I pretend
Believe I’m gonna die – one day the end
And maybe this is just a game I play?

Chorus v1
One without a second
Many become – so I am

Verse 3
I sometimes think I’ve really lost the plot
I’ve done somethings rather my mind forgot
It sometime seems as if my hands are bound
I see no chance to turn my life around

Chorus v2
One without a second
Many become – so we are


Chorus v2 x 3

Verse 4
I wonder if I’ll ever understand,
Or only know those things it serves me to?
If I’m divine, I figure choice it mine,
And somehow ev’rything is perfect now