Verse 1
You look around you see, you open ears you hear
Smell magic in the air, enhale aroma sweet
You think your self aware, believe your truth is true
You walk the Earth up right, you ponder who am I

Verse 2
You open door – step through, exoctic land explore
You witness don’t know what, sunrise at Angkor Wat
You searching high and low, find answer maybe no – oh
But all the while wonder exactly what is this?

You stand alone yet remain a part – a part and parcel
Bhedaa bheda – one and different – inconceivable you are

Verse 3
One open eye surface – you try to understand
Is this the dream of God? Is this a promised land?
You look for positive inspite the sky seem black
You want to see divine no matter mind recoil

Repeat Chorus

Breakdown / Solo

Verse 4
You R.E.M. – you sleep – you mystic slumber dream
Continue on – resume – pick up where last left off
Believe cannot be curse, convinced it some how serve
You consciousness evolve, you journey home unfold

Repeat Chorus