Prologue (spoken over organ playing The Lord Is My Shepherd)
We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of the deceased, beloved of God, whom, in sacred collaboration, embarked upon, and succesfully completed, perfected, the most excellent of adventures. While we, us, the assembled players and extras, may not be privy to inner objectives, indeed those may only be fully understood by the two of them, let us nevertheless be confident that all along the way the planning, arrangement, coincidences, chance meetings, reverses, triumphs, adversaries, allies … in fact the entire project management of life was handled enthuisiastically by God him/herself personally. So dear to God was – no wait, so dear to God IS … [insert name here]

Verse 1
And yet to the eyes of some
John was an ordinary man
Lived very ordinary life
Never cheated upon his wife
He was atheist of faith
Often prejudiced
Counter point of view resist

Verse 2
Believed God implausible
Fascinated by natural
Lover of music Ludwig Van
Creator of cello, careful hands
He was sometime hard to please
Always logical

Chorus v1
Beloved of God
Objective divine
Successful life adventure lived
In eyes of God

Verse 3
Jess was a simple girl
Lived unexceptional life
Worked Dolchi shoe shop 9 to 5
Never aspire to touch the sky
She was happy with her lot
Gender stereo yes
Yet oppressed not

Chorus v2
Beloved of God
Objective divine
Perfected life adventure lived
In eyes of God


Verse 4
Doug was a gardener
Planted traditional English
Wondered what world was coming to
Born in that house across those fields
Grew green fingers on his hands
As they work the land
Knew his vegetables

Chorus v3
Beloved of God
Objective divine
Beautiful life adventure lived
In eyes of God

Outro (spoken over organ playing Jesu Joy Of Man’s Desiring)
I’m suggesting everyone, believers and non-believers alike, are equally beloved of God … special to God … that atheistic disposition is 100 percent approved of by God, celebrated by God, as is blinkered religious dogmatism, and everything in between … that the stay at home son is loved no more, or less, than the rebellious son, that God is actively on board in facilitating every adventure. Not a blade of grass moves without the sanction of the Lord … for him, they are all positive varieties of divine expression, focused in unique and individual ways, sometimes grand, sometimes humble, and regardless of flavour, they are all always explorations of divinity.