Verse 1
Where you coming from I can’t say
Tell to me how it feels to you
Some people may not relate
But pay no mind, it’s just a game

Verse 2
Wanna know how you making sense
Understand what appeals to you
Wanna hear it, what you think
Express your self with confidence

Point of view – entitled to
Is relative to where we stand
May hold your ground, or make a move
Always one sees from point of view

Verse 3
Open eyes desire to see
Change your mind any time you want
Live life like a fantasy
No right or wrong, it’s just for fun

Verse 4
Point of view entitled to
Reserve right, right to have your say
No comply defer to they
Unless you want to soul betray

Repeat Chorus


Verse 5
Flag wave, take birth on Planet Earth,
Represent all connect as one,
Celebrate diversity,
Communicate divinity

Repeat Chorus x 3