Verse 1
In the heat of the day
In the cool of the night
Through the sun and the rain
In the dark and the light

Verse 2
In the bloom of the spring
Through the warmth of summer
To the dwindle of fall
And renew of the yule

Verse 3
In the years of our youth
Through the decades of change
In the days of our lives
In the thoughts of our minds

Everyone takes their birth
Everyone acts out
Everyone beats their heart
Everyone walks the path that they choose to

Verse 4
In the stillness of dawn
Through the storm of the day
To the calm of the dusk
And the dead of the night

Verse 5
In the roles that we play
Through the species of life
In the goals that we set
In the script that we write

Repeat Chorus


Verse 6
In the good and the bad
In the right and the wrong
In the lies and the truth
In the words of the song

Repeat Chorus to fade