[Verse 1]
Celebrity doesn’t need to make you self absorbed or all about me
Name and fame needn’t mean behave like demi more / gimme more
Wealth and health doesn’t need to translate to okay jack
Silver spoon needn’t make you hate on plastic cup / paper plate

Always the power
Refuse the pitfall
Excuses, who needs them?
Always the power

[Verse 2]
Confusion doesn’t need to mean intelligence is be-come-wildered
Uncertainty don’t need to make no double negative
High IQ doesn’t need to equate to arrogance
Personal growth needn’t mean now become more intolerant / dismissive

[Repeat Chorus]


[Verse 3]
Religion doesn’t have to be something that takes you away from God
Belief doesn’t need to make you narrow mind / dogma blind
Conviction doesn’t necessarily prove one criminal
Birth on Earth needn’t indicate you fallen soul / envious

[Repeat Chorus]