[Verse 1]
Burning desire, lay-wake at night fantasy dreaming
Pray bended knee ‘if only please – I promise good be’
Unmanifest, uncertainty, future success hope
Clutch at straws my day will come, so is this …

Genius, by design, plan divine (?/!)
Appreciation hard achieved multiplied

[Verse 2]
Fear I don’t deserve – unworthy of my happiness yearned
Nevertheless I’m powerless to face away turn
Scheme bargain make: give this to me / charity give more
Head in hands ignoble ignored, is this …

[Repeat Chorus]

[Instrumental + spoken word]
Would it really increase my enjoyment if I could manifest anything desired at the snap of my fingers … maybe that would just quickly become boring? What do you think?

[Verse 3]
Proportionate pleasure to pain of separation
Gratification, finale-grand, sweeter if delayed
Anticipation essential to perfect enjoyment
Occurs to me, realisation this is …

[Repeat Chorus]