Verse 1
All my troubles are left behind
All my baggage beside the road
Liberation is in my mind
Freedom beckons where I go

Verse 2
All my worries evaporate
Like a fog in the morning sun
Counting days – we can hardly wait
Kiss goodbye – but I’ll see you soon

Don’t forget what we said back then
Stand apart but not alone
Ev’ry one will be welcoming and clapping hands
When we come home

Verse 3
Now my fears – they’ve all gone away
Like the mist on a summers day
Makes me smile as I see your face
Thanks for all the love you gave

Repeat Chorus

Celebrations when we come home
Liberation when we come home
Repatriation when we come home
Recreation when we come home
Re-creation who will you be?
New destination where will you go? …