Verse 1
The light is fading fast
The night is drawing in
The people gather round
The fire is burning white
You see it in their eyes
They think it in their minds, they just want to know
Has something held them up?
Will they be coming back?

Verse 2
The cup is passed around
The voices whisper low
The riders must suceed
For they\’re the best of us
And we must keep the faith
Although we wonder why we wonder
Is something going down?
The hour is getting late

The moon is riding high
The stars are shining clear
We know we share the sky
No matter far or near

Verse 3
The flocks are running scared
The dogs are growling low
The fire is dying down
But no one dares to go
As if to walk away
Will somehow seal the fate of all there
But then the shout breaks out
The riders have returned


Repeat Chorus